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Reduce Guest-Pest Encounters With Delta Five's

Automated Insect Detection & Monitoring System

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24/7 Pest Monitoring

  • Automatic alerts directly to your phone or email
  • Photo of the capture for easy identification
  • Reduce guest-pest encounters
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Improves Profitability

  • Reduces remediation costs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces staff labor/stress
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Highly Effective

  • Over 90% effective at notifying you before a guest
  • More effective than human or canine inspections
  • Discreet – you can’t see it, smell it, hear it

What Customers Are Saying

"Our biggest problem was guests finding bugs and the implications that came with it such as the threat of negative social media reviews and financial repercussions.

The Delta Five traps provide us the opportunity to find pests before the guest does, and by drastically reducing the chances of a guest-pest encounter, it solved one of our biggest problems." 

~ General Manager of a Casino Hotel

"There wasn't much of a solution [for bed bugs] before this... but now when talking to a guest who might be worried about pests, I feel comfortable telling them about this solution because it's so innovative."

~ General Manager of IHG hotel, Tennessee

"My experience with Delta Five has been great, it gives us peace of mind because we are able to find all kinds of bugs before the guest does."

~ General Manager of Hampton Inn and Suites, North Carolina

Delta Five Systems suite of products have been tested and determined to meet the published, recognized standards and safety requirements to be certified as compliant for the following US and International Governing Regulatory Agencies and Consumer Product Safety Standards:


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