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Automated Insect Monitoring

Live monitoring to prevent problems before they happen.

Keep Your Property Insect-Free!

At less than the cost of one inspection, you can have constant monitoring for years! After all, it's not a matter of if someone will bring a bed bug onto your property, it's a matter of when.

Meet the Automated Insect Monitoring Device

Prevention is key. The beauty of the Automated Insect Monitoring device is that it alerts you to the infestation of insects such as bed bugs, so that you can perform targeted room treatment BEFORE you have a problem.

As research shows, 70% of guests will leave after finding bed bugs and many will post to social media upon discovering the presence of bed bugs in the room.

The compact Automated Insect Monitoring device discreetly attaches to the wall behind the bed and instantly alerts you to the presence of a bed bug. The all-natural, odorless lure is specially designed to attract bed bugs and other insects nearby.

The cameras located in the device are triggered by the presence of a bug, with an image of the pest immediately emailed to the property for further action.

Prevent Pests of All Kinds

Created for 24/7, WiFi enabled monitoring for bed bugs and other insects.


Bed Bugs












Silver Fish



How It Works

Protect your guests, your reputation, and your profitability.

The device connects to a property's existing WiFi network and includes a software dashboard that provides a history of all occurrences.

When a pest enters one of the two chambers on the device, a high-resolution image is taken and emailed to up to 6 people that you designate in order to determine further action.

With it's all natural lure and behind the bed location, the device is odorless and discreet, so guests are not alerted to the potential for pest problems.

The Automated Insect Monitoring device is positioned and placed in a way that will not interfere with guests or housekeeping activities.

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