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See What Hoteliers Are Saying About Delta Five Systems

"It was good news for me as I have now found a successful monitoring system for our company."

- -Top 10 U.S. Pest Professional

"If there is an issue reported and I have a Delta Five device in [the room], there's a feeling of security."

~ General Manager of IHG hotel, Tennessee

"The responsiveness and level of service we have received from Delta Five Systems has been great. The dashboard is user-friendly and easy, which allows us to navigate it and collect historical data about the problems in each room. It is really well done."

~ General Manager of Hampton Inn and Suites, North Carolina

“The Delta Five System allows users to detect bed bugs remotely and continuously, and then use the rich stream of data provided from many devices to tailor decisions. A bed bug detection is backed up with definitive photographic evidence.”

– Kenneth Haynes, Ph.D., Professor,
Department of Entomology, University of Kentucky

"Our biggest problem was guests finding bugs and the implications that came with it such as the threat of negative social media reviews and financial repercussions.

The Delta Five traps provide us the opportunity to find pests before the guest does, and by drastically reducing the chances of a guest-pest encounter, it solved one of our biggest problems." 

~ General Manager of a Casino Hotel

“One reason I think the Delta Five monitor is the way of the future is that we need something to alert us hat bed bugs are present. The phone notification will allow us to take the next step, which is inspection and/or treatment,”

-Dr. Dini Miller
Professor of Entomology, Department of Entomology,
Virginia Tech

"There wasn't much of a solution [for bed bugs] before this... but now when talking to a guest who might be worried about pests, I feel comfortable telling them about this solution because it's so innovative."

~ General Manager of IHG hotel, Tennessee

It has been a pleasure working with the team from Delta Five Systems while they installed their pest detection system in our guest rooms. We are now proactively monitoring all of our rooms so we can take action without the guest having to report an issue.

- Dan Robarge
General Manager, Hampton Inn Lumberton

"My experience with Delta Five has been great, it gives us peace of mind because we are able to find all kinds of bugs before the guest does."

~ General Manager of Hampton Inn and Suites, North Carolina

"Knowing these Delta Five devices are in our hotel rooms gives me a lot more peace of mind because I can offer a hotel room with a high level of confidence that there is not a bed bug in there."

~ President of Hotel Management Company and Franchise Partner

"There was a time when we were only being reactionary because we had guest reports of pests on a weekly basis. Now, having the Delta Five device allows us to be proactive and that's efficiency in itself. Now, we take can take care of the problem before the guest finds them."

~ General Manager of a Casino Hotel

"It used to be that if there was a bed bug it caused a nuclear reaction where we had to treat the room and a lot of those around it, which could cost up to 4 or 5 thousand dollars. However, now with the Delta Five device, we have more details [about the pest] and having that knowledge allows us to be more confident and targeted in our treatment approach."

~ President of Hotel Management Company and Franchise Partner

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