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Product Features & Benefits

Live monitoring to prevent problems before they happen.

Prevent — Detect — Eliminate

Our automated pest detection technologies will enhance guest satisfaction, boost profits, protect hotel reputation, and instill confidence in hoteliers to offer guests a pest-free environment.



Providing a highly-effective solution.

  • In accordance with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Guidelines
  • Eliminate pre-treatments, allowing you to make targeted treatments after a pest is identified
  • Organic lure
  • Chemical-free



24/7 Pest Monitoring of Guestrooms

Over 90% effective at notifying you before a guest.

  • Including instant notification of pest capture
  • Automatic alerts direct to your phone or email
  • Photo of the capture for easy identification
  • Proactive way to always know what’s present in your guest rooms, alerting you that treatment is needed
  • Reduce guest-pest encounters
  • Forward thinking, a smart device that uses IoT technology

We help pest professionals avoid client/pest encounters and support an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest management.

Improves Profitability

More effective than human or canine inspections.

  • Reduces remediation costs (less need for visual inspections, fewer treatments, avoid the expense of guest compensation)
  • Reduces downtime and helps eliminate the need to take rooms out of service
  • Reduces staff labor/stress
  • Protects your bottom line
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Prevents negative social media fallout

Offer a Bed Bug Free Environment

You won't see, smell, or hear our discreet product.

  • Acts almost like an insurance policy against bed bugs
  • Helps guard against claims of negligence
  • Early discovery of a bed bug introduction allows you to take prompt action
  • Confidently offer your guests a bed bug free room
  • Proactively protect your reputation

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