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Assisting Property Managers

Delta Five is innovating the hospitality industry with automated pest detection technologies that enhance guest satisfaction, boost profits, protect hotel reputation, and instill confidence in hoteliers to offer guests a pest-free environment.

We strive to ensure a healthy environment for guests with our discreet, 24/7 pest monitoring of guestrooms, including bed bugs.

Our green, eco-friendly smart device will alert users of a pest capture with an alert photo sent directly to a phone or email.

Delta Five can assist hoteliers in avoiding guest/pest encounters and supports an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest management.

Product Brochure

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Business-Changing Technology

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

No renter or visitor wants to deal with bed bugs or other pests. Provide your guests with a clean, pest-free environment for higher stay rates.

Boost Profitability

When you provide your guests with an impressive, bug-free atmosphere, you will have higher attendance and better momentum for profits.

Protect Facility Reputation

Whether you manage a hotel, apartment building, or other real estate property, we have the solution you need for ultimate prevention.

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