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The Delta Five Difference

Delta Five doesn't just get rid of the bed bugs in hotels, it prevents infestations before they begin. Our solution surpasses conventional pest control management strategies in 5 key metrics.

Delta Five

Pest Management

I. Strategy

Delta Five

Proactive: Avoid Infestation
Targeted: Rifle Shot

Stop beg bugs as they come in and before infestation, with Delta Five’s science and technology-based solution to avoid guest complaints and repeated heat treatments or applications of toxic chemicals. Pinpoint your problem areas and act quickly.

Pest Management

Reactive: After Infestation Discovered
General: Carpet Bombing

Conventional pest control relies on toxic barriers or spraying, heat treating after bed bugs have become a problem for you and your guests. Even after you treat, can you be sure you got them all?

II. Monitoring

Delta Five

Constant, Automated & Timely Consistent Coverage
Hidden From Guests

The Delta Five eLure automated bed bug detection device installs discreetly behind the headboard to attract, trap, and alert you 24/7. Our device never quits, takes a break, or skips an inspection. Guests will never even notice our silent, odorless device - or complain about bed bugs.

Pest Management

Intermittent & time-lagged
Spotty: Due to room occupancy
Intrusive: inspectors & canines

Specialized inspections can only happen at set times and rarely if ever cover all rooms due to occupancy, making it easy to miss an introduced bed bug and lead to guest encounter or an infestation.

Paid professional human and canine inspections are expensive, intrusive and disruptive to guests (who are thinking explosives, drugs?)

III. Technology

Delta Five

Biology & Behavior
Computer Vision

Our eLure Electronic Lure was designed to attract bed bugs in 5 different ways based on bed bug behavior and biology.

Computer vision identifies the bed bug, traps it and then we use cloud-based technology to alert your team.

Pest Management

Toxic Chemicals

Hoteliers often find out about bed bugs from angry guests or bad reviews.

Whether it's "seek and heat" or "spray and pray" that they don't come back or haven't already migrated to another room or floor to start the next infestation.

IV. Financial

Delta Five

Predictable Lower Cost

Automated bed bug detection can eliminate paid inspection services and the costs associated with treating infestations and loss of room revenue.

Pest Management

Cost Contingent on Infestations on Lost Revenue

Outside inspections are expensive and infestations can cost thousands in remediation, lost revenue, lawsuits and reputation damage.

V. Informational

Delta Five

Automated Data Collection
Digital Record-keeping Across All Properties

Instant alerts from 24/7 monitoring. Secure, cloud-based data is accessible from connected smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Actionable data and reporting generated from our digital dashboard provide the records you need to safeguard your properties in case of legal action.

Pest Management

Ad Hoc

Sometimes bed bug finds get recorded after inspections, and sometimes they don't. And sometimes you can't find your records when you need them most.

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