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Contact Delta Five for a free demonstration to see for yourself how we stop bed bugs before infestation.

We'll begin with a phone consultation to understand the challenges you face and show you how the Delta Five eLure automated bed bug detection device:

  • eliminates guest pest encounters to protect your reputation and bottom line
  • installs quickly and easily with no special tools or wiring
  • provides 24/7 automated monitoring to deliver complete protection and free up staff
  • attracts, traps, and alerts you to the presence of a bed bug in a room
  • uses cloud-based technology to send alerts to your team
  • automatically generates comprehensive digital records for all your properties
  • provides data analytics for room and property-based reporting
  • is more effective, economical and safer than conventional pest control methods for keeping your property infestation free

Every guest check-in can result in bed bugs being introduced to your property. Contact us today and we'll help you protect your guests, your reputation, and your bottom line.